Customs division seizes 897 kg of meth headed to Taiwan

At Bangkok port right now, customs department officers intercepted and seized almost 900 kilogrammes of crystal meth bound for Taiwan. Soaring tipped off customs officials that a gigantic stash of crystal methamphetamine was being moved right now and customs responded and tracked down the illegal drug shipment.
Customs officials discovered 24 cardboard bins that have been suspect and, once they were all x-rayed, stacked packets could be seen inside every box. The packing containers and packets have been opened and the contents inside had been tested. The testing confirmed that the substance within the packages was 897 kilogrammes of crystal meth.
The packages were scheduled to be loaded right into a cargo container that was sure for Taiwan and the cargo had been declared as silicone sheets by the delivery company, based on the director-general of the Customs Department.
Police will attempt to follow the trail of this haul of ice, as crystal meth is often known in Thailand, to determine out the source of the medication and the place they were packaged before being sent to Bangkok port for delivery overseas. The deputy commissioner of the Narcotics Suppression Bureau believes that the meth is a half of a drug trafficking operation between Thailand and Taiwan.
The Customs Department mentioned that they don’t consider that this drug bust of meth is related to a previous bust of 400 kilogrammes of heroin that was seized in Taiwan after delivery from Thailand..