Floor tiles fright: Thai woman in Malaysian condo gets explosive shock (video)

A Thai lady residing in a condominium in Malaysia was shocked when her ground tiles abruptly exploded, initially fearing the constructing was collapsing. Neighbours reassured her that this has occurred earlier than and is common within the space because of extreme weather circumstances.
The lady, known as @cake.lansi on TikTok, posted a video capturing the terrifying second when the tiles violently exploded, making loud noises and causing intensive damage. She said…
“I was consuming and the tiles just exploded. So scary! I thought the constructing was going to collapse. It seemed like someone was hitting our home with a hammer.”
The lady expressed her expertise of the Malaysian weather, prompting numerous netizens to invest that the acute heat might cause the explosion.
“It’s each hot and wet right here. Some days, it rains closely and other days it’s scorching sizzling. Besides, the home is old.”
Following the incident, she additionally posted a video showing the aftermath of the explosion.
“I was standing on a chair and shaking with concern, thinking that the floor was going to crumble and the home would collapse. I was pondering how. to depart the home, fearing I may fall through the floor.”
Forbidden sought assist from her neighbours, who informed her that such explosions had been a common occurrence within the area.
“Our neighbours said it’s regular here, their home had skilled this twice, and so had other houses within the neighbourhood. I heard the tiles still exploding and breaking, and there was a sound like wind, indescribable. But we let it all explode earlier than going again inside. I was shaking and crying, thinking the constructing had collapsed. I never skilled something like this in Thailand.”