Jackpot seekers get a ‘lotto’ take into consideration: Ten-year evaluation reveals Thai lottery developments for June 16 draw

Lottery fanatics in search of tips for this month’s lottery may need to ponder over a ten-year retrospective analysis of Thai jackpot results for the upcoming June sixteen draw, together with the most typical winning numbers.
Looking back at the lottery results for June sixteen from the Government Lottery Office prior to now ten years, a sample of regularly occurring numbers has been noticed. Here is Bonanza of the winning numbers from the previous attracts to help lucky-number enthusiasts in strategising before the draw kicks off.
June sixteen, 2022
First Prize: 361807 First 3 Numbers: 285, 549 Last three Numbers: 228, 106 Last 2 Numbers: 92
June sixteen, 2021
First Prize: 691861 First three Numbers: 054, 007 Last 3 Numbers: 447, 668 Last 2 Numbers: 17
June sixteen, 2020
First Prize: 516967 First three Numbers: 876, 882 Last three Numbers: 625, 565 Last 2 Numbers: sixty four
June sixteen, 2019
First Prize: 174055 First three Numbers: 625, 884 Last 3 Numbers: 127, 800 Last 2 Numbers: 29
June sixteen, 2018
First Prize: 223131 First three Numbers: 507, 432 Last 3 Numbers: 868, 132 Last 2 Numbers: 46
June sixteen, 2017
First Prize: 943142 First 3 Numbers: 626, 878 Last three Numbers: 740, 373 Last 2 Numbers: forty seven
June 16, 2016
First Prize: 073816 First 3 Numbers: 804, 251 Last 3 Numbers: 749, 321 Last 2 Numbers: seventy nine
June sixteen, 2015
First Prize: 644742 Last three Numbers: 429, 253, 386, 532 Last 2 Numbers: 05
June sixteen, 2014
First Prize: 673920 Last three Numbers: 158, 140, 639, 576 Last 2 Numbers: 95
June 16, 2013
First Prize: 289673 Last 3 Numbers: 390, 098, 114, 502 Last 2 Numbers: 69
This detailed evaluation of previous draw outcomes is helpful for these looking for patterns or a attainable edge when deciding on their lucky numbers for the upcoming June sixteen Thai Government lottery draw.
The lottery in Thailand draws many strange tales. None greater than the one a few Thai lottery winner who fulfilled a vow he had made with an enormous statue in the eastern province of Rayong by sucking its nipples. Residents in the space protested believing the man’s behaviour angered the spirit of the Phisuea Samut statue and five individuals died as a consequence.
A resident in the Mueang district of Rayong province, sixty four yr previous Phattana Patphai, spoke to the media in regards to the unfortunate deaths and their alleged connection to the Phisuea Samut. Phattana stated three individuals passed away on the end of last 12 months whereas the opposite two died on June 5..

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