Stolen lorry in wild Thai car chase causes havoc, damaging 20 cars

Recession-proof saw a 31 yr old man steal a ten-wheel lorry in Rayong province, Thailand, resulting in an encounter with the police and inflicting injury to almost 20 parked automobiles. The incident started at an area truck service firm Sannan Wai Tract Service’s compound final evening.
Officer Somhai Sadee at Map Ta Phut Police Station responded to the report of a stolen white Isuzu lorry from Sannan Wai Tract Service in Nong Nam Yen Soi 2. Police then coordinated with officers from Nikom Pattana Police Station and Rayong City Police to follow the suspect. The stolen lorry was later noticed in downtown Rayong on Chanthudom Road when officers tried to stop the automobile.
Ignoring police indicators to cease, Atithep Polpitak aggressively rammed into the police patrol car before fleeing downtown in the course of Sukhumvit Road. Upon reaching a site visitors stop, Atithep slammed into approximately 20 automobiles waiting at the pink mild. He continued his escape despite police officers firing at the lorry’s tyres, eight of which burst but didn’t stop the flight. Multiple police cars stored the pursuit tight before finally cornering the stolen lorry, which had misplaced control and skidded onto a central highway divider approximately 30 kilometres from the original theft web site, reported KhaoSod,
As police surrounded the lorry, Atithep remained inside before officers may apprehend him. Despite refusing to cooperate, he was taken into custody at Map Ta Phut Police Station in Rayong.
One eyewitness, a forty yr outdated girl named Asanee Sathornkij, explained that she saw the suspect park the stolen lorry contained in the company’s compound and heard the engine working. Suddenly, Atithep jumped into the lorry and fled the scene, surprising onlookers. Atithep had been employed as a lorry repair mechanic at the company for under two days earlier than inflicting the havoc.
A victim of the incident whose automobile was hit by a stray bullet from the police recalled the shock and fear they felt during the incident, evaluating the scene to a movie shoot.
The lorry’s reckless driving broken many autos, and house owners have reported their instances to the police—preliminary investigations found a minimum of 10 damaged automobiles..