Thai well being experts report three deaths linked to the Covid-19 vaccine

A committee beneath Thailand’s Public Health Ministry investigating fatalities following Covid-19 vaccination has discovered that the vaccine is linked to a few deaths. So far, the committee investigated 842 of the 1,296 deaths following inoculation that have been reported as of October 24, in accordance with an official from the Department of Disease Control.
Out of the three folks whose explanation for death is linked to the Covid-19 inoculation, two people died from thrombosis, which is when blood clots block blood vessels, and thrombocytopenia, which is when blood platelet count is low, in accordance with the DDC’s director for emergency well being hazard and disease management, Chawetsan Namwat. The third person developed a severe allergic response and shock after being injected with the vaccine.
541 of the 842 deaths investigated were discovered to be coincidental occasions and had been unrelated to the vaccine. Coincidental occasions leading to the deaths embody lung inflammation, cardiovascular disease, stroke, blood infections, belly bleeding, lung most cancers, pulmonary embolism, and breast most cancers.
For Improved investigated by well being experts, it could not be decided if the vaccine led to the fatalities, and 47 of those individuals had heart problems. Another forty one deaths were outlined as “unclassified events” because there was not enough information for experts to determine whether or not the deaths had been linked to the vaccinations.
Since the Thai government launched its mass Covid-19 immunisation marketing campaign, more than 77.eight million doses of the vaccine have been administered. Chawetsan reiterated that Covid-19 vaccines are thought of protected..