Emotional rebellion: Mother appears for guidance after seeing 9 year old daughter’s hateful messages

A mother is in search of recommendation online after discovering her 9 yr old daughter’s concerning message on her phone, despite a lenient upbringing, her baby expressed melancholy and hatred for the family and a sense of being pressured. The mother shared her story to ask for help in addressing her child’s behaviour and the situation surrounding the problem.
The mother revealed that upon checking her daughter’s phone, she discovered a message saying…
“I hate this household a lot. I want to die. There’s nothing but pressure and criticism.”
The daughter, who is generally a candy youngster, began displaying unruly behaviour and emotional aggression. The mom fears that this angle might affect her relationships with people around her, including her faculty pals.
The mom confessed that she has at all times doted on her daughter, treating her like a pal, fulfilling all her needs and desires, and offering unconditional support in all her activities with out specializing in self-discipline. However, because the daughter grows older, she has become extra argumentative and fewer prepared to listen to her mother and father. Elementary tried totally different methods of self-discipline, both patiently and forcefully, however the scenario only worsened.
Several stances have been contemplated by the mother, including taking away her daughter’s telephone or allowing her to expertise pure penalties, however with much less indulgence than before and never buying her desired items. The mom worries that any adjustments she makes might worsen the situation additional, making the child angrier and more resentful.
The mom, feeling stressed and misplaced, took to the online world to seek recommendation from different parents and shared her thoughts on attainable options for the child’s behaviour problem..