KSB makes sturdy start to 2022

The German pump producer KSB has received the 2022 financial yr off to a powerful start with first quarter order consumption increasing by 27.1% to €763 million and sales income up 3.5% to €558 million.
Europe, KSB’s largest area, posted a 23.5% increase in order consumption to €390.eight million, but sales income slipped 6.0% on a yr in the past to €282.9 million. The largest proportion growth was reported in the Americas region, where KSB elevated its order consumption by 44.7 percent to €145.eight million and sales revenue by 34.3% to €105.2 million. In the Asia/Pacific region, order consumption was up 23.9% to €180.four million and sales revenue grew 6.4% to €134.4 million. The Middle East/Africa/Russia region saw a 21.9% improve so as consumption to €45.6 million and a 6.1% rise in sales revenue to €35.7 million.
“We continued the wonderful company growth of the previous year within the new yr too, despite the difficult circumstances,” says KSB CEO Dr Stephan Timmermann. “Although เกจวัดแรงดันnuovafima -related downtimes in Germany and France, in addition to in elements of Asia, affected production, we have been in a position to offset this, thanks to the flexibility of our workers.” KSB’s first quarter was also impacted by the army battle in Ukraine.
KSB remains confident about the rest of the year, despite the difficult environment.
“The challenges are diverse and complicated,” says Timmermann. “ pressure gauge ไฮ ด รอ ลิ ค include the persistently excessive Covid-19 an infection figures and lockdowns in China, the impact of the Russian warfare in opposition to Ukraine and the associated sanctions, value increases and bottlenecks within the supply chains, as well as the potential consequences of the cyber attack we averted in April, which led to temporary manufacturing stoppages. All of those parameters require flexibility and goal-oriented management. Our ambition stays to realize a sustainable increase in profitability.”