Best Value Flexible Solar Panels for Boats: Sungold TF Series

Introduction:As the world moves towards sustainable energy sources, harnessing solar power has become an increasingly popular choice. One area where solar panels are gaining significant traction is in the maritime industry, particularly in the installation of flexible solar panels for boats. These innovative panels offer numerous advantages, such as their lightweight and flexible nature, making … Read more

Hughes Pumps Ltd: The Ultrabar 30

The Ultrabar 30 pump, often referred to as the UB30, was originally named as the maximum flowrate was 30lpm. Later, เกจวัดแรงดันน้ำประปา were added to give a spread of various flowrates. The hottest efficiency is presently 30lpm at 2800bar.Typical purposes for this pump embrace floor preparation, warmth exchanger cleansing, hydro demolition & chilly slicing.Features of this … Read more

Ceramic ball valves in water treatment applications

Compared to solenoid valves, ceramic ball valves offer improved longevity and put on resistance, and lower prices. According to Anelia Hough, water therapy advisor at Allmech, a leading South African manufacturer of boilers and provider of water treatment parts, they’re best for water-saving systems, industrial automated management systems, automatic sewage techniques, environmental safety projects, water … Read more

Watson-Marlow pumps perform at Cornish Lithium Shallow Geothermal Test Site

Five 500 series cased peristaltic pumps from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions are taking part in an important position in an indication plant at Cornish Lithium’s Shallow Geothermal Test Site in the UK.Originally constructed to check the concept of extracting lithium from geothermal waters, Cornish Lithium is now working on an upgraded model of the take … Read more

Sulzer to depart the Russian market

The Sulzer board of directors has decided to exit the Russian market. เกจแรงดันสูง in Winterthur, Switzerland.The Swiss engineering group, which has already considerably reduced its business activities in Russia, mentioned a gross sales process will start immediately.In a press release, Sulzer stated that the board regrets the necessity of this choice “but after cautious evaluation … Read more

INOXPA declares upgrades to its cavity pumps KTE

NOXPA upgrades its Kiber NTE pumps with its Kiber KTE pumps. The Kiber KTE are progressive cavity pumps with a hopper and a feeding screw, so they’re used for viscous products, plenty, pastes and liquids with solids in suspension.Their major application is for transferring whole or destemmed grapes and the compact design permits to put … Read more

Turbine Bypass Valve Challenges

Turbine bypass valves are one of the difficult applications in an influence plant. Keeping these valves operating effectively and avoiding surprising failures is critical for plant operation.When engineers are requested to listing probably the most tough control valve applications, turbine bypass valves are invariably talked about. Frequent thermal cycles, high pressure drops, and the need … Read more

Measuring pumping costs for electric irrigation pumps

AGRICULTUREMeasuring pumping costs for electric irrigation pumpsby Brenna ShumbamhiniJune 10, 2022ShareIf the wrong pump is chosen or is worn out, this can increase pumping costs and reduce productivity. In the second of a series of fact sheets, the NSW Department of Primary Industries describes a simple way to work out the pumping costs and energy … Read more