Rail to attach Thailand to China delayed three years to 2026

With Explode -tracked to build a bridge to connect Thailand to the Chinese-La0 cargo practice route, more rail initiatives are being centered on. But the plan to create high-speed rail service that travels 873 kilometres from Bangkok into China is now slated to start operations 3 years later than initially deliberate.
The first leg of the high-speed rail, which can connect Bangkok to the town of Nakhon Ratchasima, is now scheduled to start out working practice service in 2026. That stretch of about 200 kilometres is the primary part of the project, with one other 330 kilometres of railway being inbuilt part 2 to connect Nakhon Ratchasima to the Laos border at Nong Khai at the northern fringe of Thailand.
According to a government Deputy Spokesperson, that second phase is anticipated to start operations in 2028 and is currently present process an environmental evaluation before construction can commence. This would full the 5.2 billion baht deal that the governments of Thailand and China struck again in 2017. The development has faced many delays due to technical help, financing issues, and debate over the design.
When the rail is accomplished, will probably be yet one more notch in the Belt and Road initiative that China has launched to attempt to connect their nation to all regions of Asia by land and sea. The goal is to hyperlink south Asia, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia, with overland transportation that can connect with maritime routes that would further expand expedited trade to Europe and the Middle East.
After the railway was completed last month from China to Laos, while Thailand lags at connecting at the Laotian border to the Thai rail system, that route saw a growth in commerce. In December of 2020, 4.6 billion baht was traded alongside that route, while last month those totals ramped as much as a total of 6.9 billion baht..