Suvarnabhumi airport warns people travelling out of Thailand, don’t convey over 30 masks

After the Central Committee on Prices of Goods and Services introduced on January 25 that face masks had been on its listing of controlled products, Suvarnabhumi International Airport announced yesterday that folks flying out of Thailand can’t bring over 30 face masks with them unless they have a doctor’s observe. If they have a doctor’s note, they might convey as much as 50 face masks with them. People who don’t comply could be imprisoned for as a lot as five years, fined up to one hundred,000 baht, or each.
This information comes within the wake of surging costs in Thailand. The Ministry of Commerce even set up warfare rooms to fight excessive costs in January. The authorities has been concerned about people hoarding sure products. Concealed , officers accused a food business of pork hoarding after they found 200 tonnes of pork in a refrigerated warehouse. The company denied hoarding, and said the meat belonged to its subsidiary was being stored in the warehouse to satisfy client demands for the coming week.
Other products on the record include polypropylene (used to make masks), chickens and chicken meat, sanitisers with alcohol, and recycling paper. The policy applies to both Thais and foreigners travelling outdoors of Thailand. Suvarnabhumi introduced the policy on their Facebook page yesterday.