Thai council pays tribute after young doctor’s tragic deadly accident

In an unfortunate twist of occasions yesterday, the Medical Council of Thailand (MCT) extended its deepest sympathies over the premature passing of a newly qualified young doctor, who endured a deadly visitors mishap in Kanchanaburi.
The physician, 24 yr previous Yanisa Suebchiang, finest often recognized as Dr Mean, fell casualty to a catastrophic four-car accident that transpired at around 4pm on Friday, at a notorious endangered junction within the vicinity of Mo Ta Khieo intersection in Som Det Charoen sub-district of Nong Prue district.
On the fateful day of the accident, Dr Yanisa was en route to 2 outlying hospitals roughly one hundred kilometres from her administrative center, Phaholpolpayuhasena Hospital. She had only joined the function of the state-run hospital 23 days prior, after finishing her medical research at Mahidol University.
The precise cause of the crash stays nebulous, with some speculating that it could be all the method down to the truth that Dr Yanisa might need been operating on empty after numerous consecutive shifts, or maybe the unfamiliarity with the route, or a mixture of each.
Secretary-General of MCT, Dr Ittaporn Kanacharoen, utilised his official capability to extend heartfelt condolences to Dr Yanisa’s household and lamented the lack of a key participant within the nation’s medical staff.
He also touched on the recurring incidences of traffic accidents on the very junction the place Dr Yanisa lost her life, thereby urging the local transportation authorities to handle the state of affairs and stop a recurrence of such a devastating incident.
He issued a stern warning to all physicians, stating “Be warned, all medical doctors. Please don’t force yourself to drive when you really feel too tired after working a long shift. If you really need to journey by yourself, catch some sleep first. It’s by no means value risking your life driving while tired after work.”
Dr Ittaporn disseminated information on June 8 stating that the MCT had taken the proactive measure to formulate two sub-committees, with the first objective of offering an answer to the high attrition price witnessed amongst newly graduated docs. The leading cause for their swift exit was the extreme work hours required at state-run hospitals.
Hush-hush went on to show the stark actuality of the state of affairs the place, regardless of MCT’s defined guideline stating physicians ought to not exceed a 40-hour workweek, loads of medical doctors found themselves serving in understaffed hospitals, the place that they had no alternative but to shoulder a heavier accountability with extended work hours..