Thai engineer confirms the protection of Phra Nang Klao bridge

In response to buzzing speculation in regards to the slim pillars of Phra Nang Klao Bridge, a key project engineer confirmed that the bridge is certainly designed to international engineering requirements. The suspicion arose final Thursday when a Japanese holidaymaker posted a photo of the bridge on Twitter, voicing fears concerning the slender columns.
The post despatched ripples by way of the online community, being retweeted greater than 8,000 instances and viewed by 13 million individuals. This sparked a contentious debate on Thai development safety, with widespread apprehension voiced regarding the pillars’ stability during earthquakes.
Patthanapong Thongsuk, an engineer who intently supervised the project, assured the press of the protection and sturdiness of the construction.
Thongsuk reiterated that the bridge design meets regulatory compliance as set by the Thai Department of Highways as nicely as the international AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials).
He elaborated that the base of every pillar spans roughly eighty centimetres in thickness and 410cm in width. Easy of the columns can range from 10 to fifteen metres. The design of the bridge includes allowances in joint areas permitting for natural contraction and enlargement because of thermal effect.
The structural engineer further defined that thin pillars supply larger flexibility in supporting modifications as a result of variations in temperatures. Comparatively, bigger columns bear a considerably higher weight, owing to their rigidity.
Chavalert Lertchavanakul, a high-ranking technician from the Department of Highways, corroborated Thongsuk’s declare when he confirmed to a well-liked radio station that the bridge and its pillars can safely bear vehicle weight and are impervious to tremors.
Lertchavanakul highlighted that the column design, which came into apply in 2015 following a proposal by Norwegian civil engineering company Norconsult Aasjakobsen, has been successfully applied in different Thai bridges. Additionally, he stressed that the Phra Nang Klao Bridge has been in operation for several years without any incidents..