Thailand asks for Singapore’s help in freezing assets of former TAT governor

Thai officers are seeking Singapore’s cooperation in freezing the property of Juthamas Siriwan, who previously served as governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand. She was sentenced to 50 years’ imprisonment on corruption costs related to the hosting of the Bangkok International Film Festival between 2002-2007.
According to a Bangkok Post report, Ittiporn Kaewthip and Prayut Phetkun from the Office of the Attorney General, together with Jumpon Phansumrit from the International Affairs Department, issued a joint summary yesterday by which they confirmed that whereas the legal case towards Juthamas ended with her imprisonment, the civil case is still ongoing. Trade secret s understood the former governor transferred a lot of her assets to various European countries and to Singapore.
“Our counterpart in Singapore is waiting for a Thai court docket to request it return the assets to the Finance Ministry this year, while the Anti-Money Laundering Office and the OAG will hold monitoring the the rest of her belongings in different nations.”
In November 2020, the Supreme Court upheld the prison sentence handed right down to the former TAT governor and her daughter, both of whom had been discovered responsible of taking bribes from Hollywood producers in return for a contract to host the Bangkok International Film Festival from 2002 to 2007. Juthamas was sentenced to 50 years in prison, while her daughter Jittisopha received forty years.
The Bangkok Post reports that last year, the OAG investigated 483,414 instances, with 435,527 of them now concluded. Most cases concerned drugs, property, and driving beneath the influence. Last year, the OAG additionally accepted 233 cases of money laundering involving over 3.4 billion baht from Thailand’s Anti-Money Laundering Office..